Thursday, January 22, 2009

DCI's Ties 1996

Drum Corps International is 36 years old. In those 36 years there have been 3 ties "at the top." In 1996 Phantom Regiment and the Blue Devils tied with a score of 97.4. Three years later the Blue Devils and the Santa Clara Vanguard tied with a score of 98.4. The following year in 2000 The Cadets and The Cavaliers tied with a score of 97.65.
The Blue Devils entered finals night the favorite with the [then] Cadets of Bergen County just 0.3 behind. Behind the top 2 was Phantom Regiment, almost a full point and a half behind (BD 96.9, CBC 96.6, PR 95.5). But something special happened on finals night... 3 excellent performances and a crowd pleasing yet confusing ending. When the dust cleared and the scores were announced, the Cadets of Bergen County were 3rd with a score of 96.9. Then, there was the announcement for second place, which, as Brandt Crocker humorously put it, was actually a tie for first place. Phantom Regiment, long the beloved often a contender, but always a bridesmaid at best had finally won.
PR 19.6 19.7- 39.3 14.7 14.6-29.3 9.9 9.6 9.5-29.0 97.6
BD 19.3 19.5-38.8 14.5 14.7-29.2 9.8 9.8 9.6-29.2 97.2
CBC 19.1 19.6-38.7 14.8 14.4-29.2 9.6 9.8 9.7-29.1 97.0
I've always wondered if the Blue Devils are upset if they are tied by someone though. I mean, if you won in semifinals, and another group ties you, wouldn't you be a little upset because you weren't alone at the top? Maybe it's just me, but I might get bitter and being World Champion might lose some luster.
I do not believe that there was a tie. I believe that Phantom Regiment beat the Blue Devils in 1996. I believe that the Blue Devils GE Visual was 0.1 too high, as well as the Ensemble Visual by the same. On top of all that I believe that PR was underscored in GE Music by 0.1.
All I'm trying to add is that PR 96 was incredible. The music was perftct, the setting just right, and a raucous crowd.

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